Masala Mix'ins


Mix'ins & More

We currently have 12 curry varieties and a chai blend. Many names are probably familiar from your visits to the local Indian eatery, but basic descriptions are provided. For special orders, including gift baskets, wedding/party favors, or bulk purchases, please contact us and we can work together to create the package you need.

NOTE: All blends are packed to order. If you do not plan to use your blend(s) within 4-6 weeks, the freezer is a great place to store them in order to maintain freshness and flavor.

A nut-based cream sauce (mild, $6.99)

A yogurt and spice marinade for slow-grilled chicken (medium, $6.99)

A tomato and cream masala sauce with grilled 'tandoori' chicken (medium, $6.99)

A spinach-based cream sauce (mild, $6.99)

A basic, tomato-based sauce (medium, $6.99)

A tomato-based sauce for ground meat (medium, $6.99)

A savory rice entree (medium, $6.99)

A tomato and cream-based sauce with flavorful, spiced meatballs (medium, $6.99)

A thick, textured sauce with chickpeas and potatoes(medium, $6.99)

A spicy, lentils based curry (hot, $6.99)

An aromatic, long grain rice Two packs serves 6-8 ($3.98)

A dry-fried, spicy curry with bell peppers and onions (hot, $6.99)

A spicy curry base with a fine balance of sweet and sour (hot, $6.99)

A spiced, black tea blend Serves 4 ($4.99)

2 masala mix'ins + 2 basmati rice ($18.99)

4 masala mix'ins + 4 basmati rice ($29.99)